1972 Dodge Monaco Will Make You Fall in Love With it!

What are the pleasures of living? What's the thing you get the most pleasure? If you are a devoted enthusiast of cars your answer for this question will be "cars!

If you're a classic lover then we can confidently say that you are someone with refined tastes. Today, we're presenting quality content for those with these refined tastes. Clicking on the play button, you're going to see a Dodge Monaco. This is a not very common, but a rare model of Dodge and that's why we will introduce it to you first. The Dodge Monaco is technically an automobile designed, built and marketed by Dodge. It was introduced to the market back in 1965 to replace the Custom 880 and stayed in production since 1992. It was put in the industry in many different body configurations, including two-door and four-door hardtop sedans, four- door sedans, two-door convertibles, and station wagons. Today's video demonstrates us a 1972 Dodge Monaco in full detail. This is one particular Monaco that will amaze your eyes and make you fall in love with it. What a chance to own such a masterpiece and what a pleasure to drive it freely on the streets!

Watch today's video to feel the pleasure in your heart and let us know what you think about this gorgeous machine!