Drive or Die: 1932 Ford Boydster II Roadster LS1 4L60E is a Car to Die For!

Are you a car lover? We know very well that the answer for this question is "Yes!" for most of you. What's your favorite car? A classic? A Chevy? Pontiac? Lincoln? A hot rod? A pickup truck? BMW? A Ford?

Whatever your favorite car or taste is the splendid machine you're going to see in today's video is gonna blow your mind and leave you speechless. We hear you asking what it is! Well, let's introduce it then! This striking machine is a 1932 Ford Boydster II Roadster powered by a LS1 4L60E engine. Painted in vivid metallic colors and visually enriched with flame patterns, this remarkable machine is the best of everything. It's specifically designed and ingeniously built to showcase superior skill and advanced craftsmanship at the 2010 SEMA event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unlike most show cars, this '32 Ford is not only to look good but also to drive perfectly on the streets. It's safe, reliable and absolutely drivable.
It runs on a Street Performance LS-1 V8 400hp aluminum crate engine, which gives it an incredible power. It's now for sale and goes for $75,500. What do you think? Does it worth it?

Watch the video till the last seconds, check all the details and enjoy this brilliant Show Car!