1953 International Harvester R-110 Hot Rod Pickup is Built to Make an Eye Bath!

What's your favorite combination? Love and money? Spaghetti and meatballs? Bacon and eggs? Fish and chips? Cherry and vodka? Coffee and friends? Peace and happiness? Netflix and chill?

We can make a list with the most popular and preferred combinations and it would take thousands of pages. As our website is dedicated to vehicles, we're asking you about your favorite combination about cars. In today's video, presented specially for you to check out and make some eye bath, we're checking out a truly impressive combination: a 1953 International Harvester R-110 Hot Rod Pickup. This '53 International Harvester is the embodiment of classic lines, unique hot rod style, pickup design and some other stunning details. The video is a bit distorted, it will make your feel like you're on LSD, but it's not an obstacle to not to enjoy the '53 Harvester R-110. The guy who films the video tells us all the details about this remarkable piece of machinery. Each and every single detail is to be loved and appreciated. Such a nice work and such a nice car you're going to say after checking out today's video!

Watch it, pay attention, enjoy the hot rod pickup and let us know what your favorite combination is for real!