Barn Find Hunter Finds 1941 Lincoln Continental Sitting in Garage Since 1972

Storage Hunters, the super popular US reality television series that attracted millions of people to the TV screens from 2011 to 2014. It lasted for three seasons and seventy-three episodes.

We bet most of you have watched at least one episode of this interesting TV series, where cool guys and ladies hunt for storages, discover them and profit. Fun and gain at the same time! In today' video, we're checking out the automotive-version of this series: the Barn Find Hunter! In this amazing YouTube series filmed by Hagerty, a popular YouTube channel with almost one million subscribers from all round the world, the barn find hunter, Tom Cotter hits the roads and chases after the country's coolest barn finds. On this very episode, Cotter discovers a '41 Lincoln Continental equipped with a Flathead V-12, and a 1950 Plymouth Suburban two-door. Both are California survivors. This '41 Lincoln waits was waiting in the garage since 1972. Such a pity for such a gorgeous machine! The video also shows us how they treat this old jewel paying great attention to fine details. It's impossible to not to appreciate such a big effort.

Hit the play button to take a deep look at the adventure of this dreamy barn find and leave your comment!