1952 Pontiac Hot Rod Sedan is Adorable!

Pontiac! What do you know about Pontiac! Have you ever driven one? Pontiac is a car brand by General Motors.

Founded in 1926, almost a century ago, this accomplished American auto-maker has built a great number of vehicles most of which has millions of fans and enthusiasts! Vehicles by Pontiac have always been an inspiration for custom builders. You can see how accurate this statement is visiting the custom shows! When you visit a car show in the North America, it's a great possibility for you to see a Pontiac, a custom in particular. The video we here present you demonstrates us a Canadian Pontiac with its all glory! It's a 1952 Pontiac Hot Rod Sedan with a perfectly matte black exterior. Opposite to the matte black exterior, the top, the rims and the internal parts under the hood are painted in shiny bronze. Everything is flawless and adorable in this '52 Pontiac.

Watching this awesome video, you can see every single detail about this '52 Pontiac Hot Rod. Hit the red button, check out the video, bath your eyes, enjoy and leave your comment!