1941 Chevy Pickup Looks Like It's Built for the Green Lantern!

Have you ever thought why we as people of America are so keen on pickup trucks?

What makes them so special and preferred for us? Is it the way they look? Is it the way they drive? Is it because they're safe? Is it because they're affordable? Why pickup trucks are that widely used in the United States? There's no easy way to answer all of these questions exactly, but who cares! Pickups are cool and we love them so damn much! That's exactly why we keep sharing pickup videos on this website! To let them enjoy these wonders of machinery! In today's video, for example, you're going to see just another pickup truck. It's a 1941 Chevy completely in green. The paintjob is done so smooth and professionally that it looks like the pickup of the Green Lantern. It's too bad we don't have any information about the engine or technical specifications, but it's still good to see such a spectacularly built pickup in detail.

If you're into pickups and love the custom builds in particular then don't waste even a second, hit the play button and let the fun begin!