Rusty Beast: 1957 Oldsmobile Lead Sled Rat Rod

What do you know about rust? What do you think of it? What do you visualize when you hear or read this world? Most of us know the rut as a red to brown layer on metal, but it's actually a product of a chemical reaction.

Rust occurs after the oxidation of iron and its alloys, and it is caused when iron reacts with water and oxygen. When a piece of iron is exposed to oxygen and water for a long time, rusting becomes inevitable. For most of us, rust is associated with dirtiness, disrepair and old things. But, in some places rust is welcomed. You can easily predict where! On rat rods, of course! When it comes to rat rods, rust is kind of a must that makes the vehicle look better than ever! In today's video, we're checking out a solid proof for that! A 1957 Oldsmobile Patina Airride Lead Sled Rat Rod with a fully rusty exterior. The rust layer on the surface of it makes it so good that it makes the rat rod just perfect. Imagine touring around your neighborhood with this gangsta and catching all eyes on! How cool t would be!

Watch the video to take a look at this monster rat rod driving around and have some real fun!