1956 Chevy BelAir Custom Hot Rod is a True American Classic!

There hundreds of different types of vehicles on the planet! Muscle cars, trucks, monster trucks, pickups, trailers, classics, aircrafts, bombers, helicopter, bikes, trikes, quad-bikes, ATVs and so on! Each and every of these vehicle types has their own crowd of fans from all around the globe.

Among these vehicle types, hot rod takes one step forward. Having its roots in the United States, hot rods attract the attention of millions of people from each nation and country. To celebrate their passion for hot rods, these people gather all together in specially organized events and have barrel of fun! In today's video, we're checking out one of these fantastic events: MSRA Back to the 50's Car Show! Nominated for North America's Best Car Show, MSRA Back to the 50's Car Show held every June in Saint Paul, Minnesota with the attendance of hundreds of participants, vendors, sponsors, visitors and volunteers. Filmed during this wonderful show, today's video demonstrates us a dream-like hot rod that you all would like to see and drive. It's a 1956 Chevrolet BelAir 348 Custom Hot Rod painted in the coolest shade of red. This ingeniously built '56 Chevy BelAir was chopped, nosed, shaved and smoothed to perfection. It is customized in many ways inside, out and under the hood. It runs on a 348 stroker Chevrolet V8 with three deuces.

This is a true hot rod that kills with the way it looks and sounds! Watch the video to check this American classic and enjoy!