1956 Ford F-100 Truck is Just For the Big Bird of Sesame Street!

Our passion for truck never ends, and luckily in this holy continent we have countless shows, events, fairs and gatherings to celebrate this deep passion.

Bracebridge Father's Day Car Show is just one of these lively events where hundreds of enthusiasts come all together to enjoy the continent's coolest machines. If you also have a passion for cars then a visit to Muskoka's Dowtown is a must for you! Over a hundred special interest vehicles, live music and yummy snacks will be spread along Manitoba Street, waiting for the lucky visitors. Visit and join the fun! Today's video, filmed during this amazing show, demonstrates us a 1956 Ford F-100 truck which painted in a perfect yellow color. It's like a car for the Big Bird of the Sesame Street! It would be a chance to see this gorgeous Ford F-100 truck; we couldn't even imagine how would it be to have a ride with it!

Watch the video to bath your eyes with the glorious beauty of this professionally built '56 Ford F-100 truck and don't forget to leave your comment right below! We care about your opinion!