Coupenstein: Hot Rodder Mark Apap's 1947 Coupe is the Fruit of Incredible Hardwork

Do you believe in love at first sight ? Well, you will after watching the video we present you with a great enthusiasm today !

What you're going to to see watching it is Mark Apap's 1947 Coupe, the Coupenstein, but it's surely not an ordinary one. Let's talk about the inspiring story that lies behind this gorgeous machine before we check the video. Growing up as a son of a politician, Mark's childhood was not very related with street cars. His passion for automobiles was kicked by movies and he chose this path himself. Washing cars and earning only ten bucks a day, he saved some money to buy his first car. With his hard earned money, he bought his first baby : 1933 Ford five-window coupe. Dressed with American 60's drag racing look, this senior rod has stayed in his garage. The garage tells a lot about his story. It's the holy place where he dreams and builds, getting away from stress of the life and having fun with friends. « It's an escape. I try to forget about everything, work and that type of stuff. I love the build. I enjoy it… Dreaming of it » says Mark about the time spends in his garage. His garage is like a heaven on earth for every hot rod lover. Over the years, this precious '33 five window Coupe was joined by several other cars, including a 1932 Ford Roadster and a '33 three window Coupe street rod.The dawn of the Coupenstein's story for Mark is familiar to anyone who bought a car without inspecting it deeply. Marketed as a finished project, Mark bought the car without seeing. « Unfortunately it was built dodgier than a 3 a.m back street kebab » says Mark about poor condition of this car. The carpet, the floor, the roof was all terrible and needed to be retouched. So Mark rolled up his sleeves and settled on the job. After tons of hardwork and modifications on almost every part, the masterpiece you're going to see in today's video came into being as a brand new machine that catches all the eyes on itself. It's chopped, frenched, curved, stretched, blown, bagged and brought back to life. Under the hood sits a 350 cube V8 that makes 500 horsepower.

Watch today's video to take a brief look at this magnificent build and find some inspiration.