Cape Town's Checker A11 New York Taxi with a Cool Career in Hollywood

It's sure amazing seeing cool cars cruising down the streets, but what about hearing their stories

Every car has its own story behind and learning them can be inspiring. Now, we want you to lean back, relax, click on the play button you see on this page and let yourself enjoy the story of a very particular car from the owner Dieter Losskarn. It is a special Checker A11 New York taxi that has been cruising down the streets of Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, for the past twenty years. This taxi is so unique that it'a the only such cab in all of Africa. Stayed in production between the years 1959 and 1982, the Checker A-series taxi is one of the most iconic American cars of all times. Owner Dieter Losskarn highlights the Checker A11's long production run and largely unchanged styling as one of its core historical attractions. He said that he first fell in love with the Checker when he was a small boy growing up in Germany. He told his dad back then that he'd own one in the future. And he really did. After so many years, he finally managed to find his dream car, Checker A11, for sale in New York. He later found out that this Checker has a brilliant career in Hollywood, starring in the movies with Al Pacino and Ben Affleck. But, that's not all about this car. There's more
! This checker has been used by New York drug enforcement agency as an undercover police car. What a story

Watch the video to learn more about this small block Chevy V8 powered Checker A11 cap from the owner Dieter Losskarn and leave your comment down below