"Brutally Sexy": Cummins Powered 1936 Chevrolet Sedan

What is your definition for sexy? What is sexy for you? A woman? A sound? A piece of cloth? Your answers for these questions will vary greatly for sure!

But there's one thing certain! Cars can be sexy, too and today's video offers us a visual proof for that very statement! This video of one minute only demonstrates us something named as "Brutally Sexy". "What an accurate name it is!" you will say after checking out the video. Brutally Sexy is a 936 Chevrolet Sedan powered by a badass Cummins engine. It caught on camera while it was on display at 2018 SEMA Show. It wears a bicolor, green and beige, paintjob which is apparently done by professional hands. It shines and attracts the attention at the very first glance. Just like exterior, the interior is well-equipped with highest quality materials.

If you want to have some pure fun of one minute, check out today's awesome video, take a closer look at this Cummins powered 1936 Chevrolet Sedan that sits on the displaying platform with its all glory and leave your comment below! We care your opinion!