1964-66 GMC Stepside Hot Rod Pickup Truck Kills with Charisma

It's scientifically proven that colors have an enormous effect on the way we feel and behave.

Colors affect our bodily functions, mental processes and emotions, meaning that they make difference on both our physiology and psychology. Their affect on us varies; they may create excitement. They may raise anxiety. They may give inspiration, peace, calmness, clear vision, critical thinking, fear, tension, energy and so on. We guess you always hear people say red is an energetic color, blue refreshes, green makes you calm, pink is romantic, yellow stimulates optimism and purple is the color of royalty.

These are actually accurate statements. Colors also make a great difference on vehicles. We always tend to choose cars with better paintjobs and colors play a significant role for these choices. Think about a blood red truck that shines with glory, or a pitch black machine with a killer charisma. In today's video, you're going to see an example of the second. A pitch black machine that looks like a gangster! Filmed in Montreal, Canada, this video demonstrates us a 1964-66 GMC Stepside Hot Rod pickup truck dressed in a perfectly matte black paintjob, which apparently done by professional hands.

Watch the video to see the details and prepare your eyes for a feast!