1952 Fully Custom Chevy Blown Pro Street Pickup Truck Gonna Make You Buy a Pickup

Think about all types of cars you know! When you ask what is the car characterized with the Unites States, we say it's the pickup trucks!

We don't know what do you think about them exactly, but it's sure that they exist in almost every street of this country. They provide a great functionality to drivers, coming in various shapes, sizes, features, brands and styles. Pickup trucks are usually bought to be used. That's why drivers pay more attention the technical specifications rather than the appearance. But, some pickup trucks appeal to eyes and give a satisfactory viewing pleasure!

Today, we present you one of such pickup trucks which is gonna blow your mind with its spectacular beauty and make you want to own one as soon as possible. It's a fully custom 1952 Chevrolet Blown Pro Street Pickup Truck. The videos demonstrates us some picture of the builds, letting us see all the details. It's been chopped and shortened to perfection. Everything is excellent about the exterior design, but what makes this Chevy pickup particularly amazing is the color. It's the sweetest shade of yellow and catches the attention at the very first glance!

Check this masterpiece to see a real pickup truck and enjoy!