8V92 Detroit Diesel Powered Complete Custom Hot Rod Pickup Truck Rocks the Crowd!

Agree or not! Apart from exterior design and the general look, engine is what makes a vehicle a good vehicle!

That's why we care so much about the engine while we're looking for a vehicle! Who cares about a fancy car when you can't drive it properly! In today's video, filmed in Canada, we're checking out a truly outstanding machine with a bad ass engine. A complete custom hot rod pickup truck powered by an 8V92 Diesel! Detroit Diesel is the world's one of the most prominent engine manufacturers that has been in the market since 1938, building extremely strong engine that power up the coolest machines, buses and trucks! T

he 8V92 Detroit Diesel engine is one of the best engines manufactured by Detroit Diesel. The video demonstrates us the gorgeous custom hot rod pickup while in action at the Granby Quebec International Car Show. It would be great to be there seeing all the machines in person! As you'll also see in the video, the crowd really likes the hot rod! Otherwise is already impossible!

Watch the video to take a look at this awesome machine with a beast-like engine, listen to its sound and have some fun!