Rick Dore's Illusion Deserves Its Name Like No Other Car Can!

At the root, we use vehicles for their functionality. We drive them to take us from the point A to the point B safely, without getting into an accident or trouble.

That's why we care about the engines that power them. That's exactly why we pay attention to technical specifications when it comes to buying a car. Some other cars, however, are not to drive. They're just too beautiful to drive, and today we're going to see one of such cars. Caught on camera while being displayed at the Grand National Roadster Show, this mesmerizing machine is a Rick Dore's latest creation. For those who don't know about Dore, let us
introduce him. Rick Dore is a famous American custom car builder, leading the industry since the 1990s. He owns and operated Rick Dore Kustoms in California. He is the master mind that stands behind numerous amazing customs and today we're checking out his last one. Nicknamed as Illusion, this outstanding machine deserves its name like no other car can do! The paintjob is done so perfectly that it creates an illusional effect on the eyes watching it. The car is completely handcrafted from front to rear. It is hand formed from raw sheets of aluminum.

Check out today's video to take a deep look at "Illusion" and be ready to be amazed!