1956 Ford F100 Built by the Country's One of the Best Customs Shops Bones Fab

In the United States, the country where people pursuit their dreams and make them come true, there are countless custom shops each is specialized in different services.

Would you like to own your own custom shop and build stunning machines as you desire? The answer of this question would be "Absolutely, yes!" for most of us! Who wouldn't! In today's worth-to-see video, we're checking out a gorgeous machine built by the country's one of the most accomplished custom shops, Bones Fab! Having its center in Camarillo, California, Bones Fab is a successful enterprise that is specialized in hot rods and muscle cars. It is owned and operated by Jim Bassett. He has a lovely story about getting into the business. He started out with cars at a very young age, helping his father with some Model A Ford, which still exists and are owned by the family. After selling parts for 14 years and working on cars on the side of his friends, he decided establish his own business and he started Bones Fab in a 1200 sq. ft. Within about two years, he moved into a 4000 sq. ft. Today, Bones Fab can build anything from LS1 powered Impala's to Chevy's and Ford's. The video demonstrates us a full custom 1956 Ford F100. Jim takes time out of his busy day to make us see all the details of this build. Wonderful truck and lots of hardwork!

Watch the video to see how beautiful this '56 Ford F100 is and enjoy!