1955 Chevrolet Two Ten Restomod is the Best Combination of Red and White!

Sharing! Can you imagine how powerful this word is? What it can mean? What it refers to? What kinds of effects it has on our lives?

We as human beings tend to "share", unlike other mammals. We share our thoughts, we share what we eat, and we share what we see. We share a whole life! One can simply understand how important sharing is for us just by checking out the social media. Sharing is the impetus that makes us use these online portals. When we see something good, in particular, we want to share it with others. We want to make them see it too! This "sharing" impetus, however, is stronger for some people and Lou Costabile is one of them! He, the host of YouTube series "My Car Story with Lou Costabile" travels all across the country and attends to car shows, events and gatherings. Then he shares what he film there with his curious subscribers. We proudly present you the videos shared by this dedicated man, and today you're going to see one! The video shows us a 1955 Chevrolet Two Ten Restomod in bicolor paint, red and white. It is powered by with a 427 CI L88 V8 engine and it makes the car sound like a roaring beast. The owner is Charlie Arolla and he owns this jewel since 2017.

Watching the video, you can get detailed information about this special build. Check it out and enjoy!