Maybellene: 1958 Continental Mark III Convertible Custom is "Art"

Dear auto enthusiasts and car lovers! We know how much you love cars. There's someone who care a lot for you! Lou Costabile!

If you check our website regularly then you are probably familiar with this name. But if you don't, let us introduce him to you! Lou Costabile is the owner and the host of a pretty popular YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers from all around the world. The channel is full of enjoyable video specially filmed for car fans to make them see the country's coolest cars, meet their owners and hear their stories. Lou, who is also a dedicated lover of cars, travels all across the United States, visits country's most prestigious car shows, films the most remarkable vehicles and presents them to us, the viewers. Watching the videos shared by this awesome channel, you not only can enjoy the beauty of cars, but also can get knowledge regarding them. Today, we're so proud to share a video from this channel and hope you like it. In this video, we're checking out a 1958 Continental Mark III Convertible Custom, which is also known as Maybellene. Equipped with a Supercharged V12 engine that is able to produce 940 horse power, the Maybellene is filmed while it was on display at the World of Wheels Car Show. The car's Owner is Tad Leach. He's at the car show with his two cool sons, Dick and Charlie. Tad shares he's been a car fan for a long time and brought his car to Dave Kindig of Kindig-IT-Design to build this car.

Watching the video, you can learn more about this particular piece of machinery. Check it out and have some real fun!