1955 Chevrolet Pro-Touring Resto Mod is the Word "Perfect" Come into Being!

Ever heard of something called as "Pro-Touring"? If you have, do you know what does it mean? Not being a very common term, the name "Pro-touring" first appeared back in 1988.

It was coined by Chevrolet's High Performance editor, Jeff Smith. "Pro-touring is about killer acceleration, brutal brakes, and corner-bending capability combined with cross country comfort. Toss in occasional jaunts to the drag strip, a slalom, or a top speed contest, and you have the makings of a car for all reasons" he said about Pro-Touring. In modern industry, the term refers to a style of classic muscle car with enhanced suspension components, brake system, aesthetic elements and increased performance. A Pro-touring car is defined with three characteristics, better acceleration, better handling and better braking. These key elements are what makes a car Pro-touring. In today's video, we're checking out a 1955 Chevy. What makes this Chevy worth to see is that it's a brand new Pro-touring Resto Mod with eye-catching details. It's a beautiful machine from front to back and the way it sounds gives an odd happiness.

Watch the video to take tour around this appealing '55 Chevy Pro-touring Resto Mod, pay attention to details and enjoy!