1938 Ford Rat Rod COE Cabover Hauler is a Real Rat Truck!

Rat Rod! What a beautiful term is it! A rat rod is often described as a custom built car with a deliberately worn-out appearance, characteristically lacking in proper paint, completely or partly covered in rust and made from cheap or junk materials.

These are the most distinct traits that appear almost in every rat rot we see. The rat rod, however, is not only a style in the custom automotive industry. It is a way of getting fun! In rat rods, the ugly appearances turns to beauty and it's impossible to be not impressed against such beauty! It is so effective that it strikes the eyes looking at it! In today's video, we're checking out a visual proof for that! This video of one minute only demonstrates us a badass rat rod coming out of its nest like a boss. It's a 1938 Ford Coe Cabover Hauler with fantastic details. It looks as dirty and wrecked as if it just come out of a wreck yard. That's a real rat truck for sure with its every single particle.

Watch the video if you're interested in rat rods and let your eyes take advantage of this beauty!