Brent Rothweiler's 1954 Buick Looks Undeniably Cooler with a Hot Girl Beside It!

It's indisputably true that some cars have a special charm that catches your attention from the very first glance you throw on it!

This charm makes you want this car so badly. You want to see it. You want to drive it. You want to own it! These are all normal reactions to give against an attractive machine! In today's very enjoyable video, you're going to see such a car that will amaze you with its killer charisma in just seconds. Shared by Rod Authority, internet's only all- digital magazine for the devoted lovers of rodding, this video shows us Brent Rothweiler and the photoshoot of his precious 1954 Buick on the shores of Long Beach, CA. This stunning machine is custom built by Oz Welch of Oz Kustoms. It features frenched headlights and antennas, shaved door handles, remove side rim, filled and smoothed dash, custom 1955 Lincoln taillights, 15-inch wheels, restored original Buick steering wheel, custom stereo system and highest- quality materials. It has a gorgeous paintjob, Kandy Tangerine over Gamma Gold base coat, done by House of Kolor. Under the hood lies a 1985 Chevrolet 350ci engine. In the video, a charming lady accompanies this '54 Buick during photoshoot.

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