Drive or Die: 1976 Ford B-100 Gangster Street Truck "El-Chapo"

Some trucks have a charisma so striking that they look as cool as the gangsters in action movies.

The truck filmed in the video we proudly share today is one of these trucks and we're sure that you all would like to see it! Watching today's video, again shared by one of our favorite YouTube channels ScottieDTV, you're going to see a bad boy: a 1976 Ford B-100 Street Truck. You may not be so familiar with Ford B-100, but it's quite normal. It's not a very popular car we are used to see every day driving down the streets. It's technically a 3-door SUV that Ford offered to the Latino market mostly in Mexico. Nicknamed as "El-Chapo", the Ford B-100 in the video is caught on camera while it was on display at the 2018 SEMA Show. The truck is professionally covered with a medium gray paint with red on the wheels. The outer surface is so finely shined that you can see every single detail of your face looking at it. The interior is also in red and finely detailed with high-quality leather custom seats and accessories. Under the hood sits a 5.0 Coyote. Good looking and high performance are combined in one truck.

Check out this video to see El Chapo's stunning beauty with your own eyes and feast your eyes!