1938 Ford COE Truck Driven by a Pretty Lady Has a Killer Charisma

We all know how American people are fond of cars and other kinds of vehicles, but there are also other nations that are as interested in cars as Americans do!

One of these nations is Brazilians. They're too deeply keen on car stuff and produce so many remarkable projects. In today's video, you're going to see one of these projects and we guarantee that you're gonna love it! If you have seeing eyes then it's impossible to not to like it! This is 1938 Ford COE Truck presented us by Revista Hot Rods, a popular website dedicated to the lovers of custom old cars. Checking out this website and its YouTube channel you can see lots of news and videos about hot rods, street rods and muscle cars. The eye-catchingly beautiful truck in the video is customized by a professional team and it looks absolutely gorgeous. There is also something special about the video! In the video, this '38 Ford COE truck is not driven by a guy as usual instead it's driven by a pretty lady who is dressed same color as the truck.

Check it out to witness the killer charisma of this badass truck and enjoy it!