1939 Lincoln Zephyr Goes Beyond Being a Classic and Becomes Futuristic

America's love affair with the cars is well-known all around the world. Because of this deep love that becomes a passion for some it's possible to see a custom shop in almost every corner of the United States.

Apart from custom shops, shows specially organized and devoted to cars are also popular, bringing thousands of people and their vehicles together. Return to Renton Car Show is one of them! This enjoyable car shows gathers thousands of cars in one single place for an unforgettable day of entertainment. Kid activities, food truck with delicious treats, good music and attractive trophies are what this amazing show offers to attendees. The 2019 Return to Renton Car Show is going to held on the seventh of July in Renton, WA. In today's video, we're checking out a breathtaking build caught on camera during the last Return to Renton Car Show. It's a full custom 1939 Lincoln Zephyr. As known already too well, the Lincoln Zephyr is a mid-size luxury car manufactured between the years 1936 and 1940 by Lincoln Motor Company. The '39 Lincoln in the video has apparently gone beyond being a classic and turned into a futuristic machine.

Check out today's extremely short but definitely cool video to see this unique Lincoln and enjoy it!