1955 Chevy 5400 COE Fire Truck Project by Cobblestone Customs of Belgium is an Absolute Wonder

Customization makes wonders in the automotive industry, and we as auto-enthusiasts enjoy the fruits of this precious field of work through custom shows, events and of course, videos.

In the United States, the heaven of customs on earth, you can find numerous custom shops in every state and city, but customization is also popular in the other countries. Today's video demonstrates us an incredible build by a Belgian custom shop: Cobblestone Customs. What did this accomplished custom shop build is a 1955 Chevrolet 5400 COE ex-fire truck and it's pretty awesome. The truck is built for the SEMA Show "Battle of Builders". The video make us witness the entire process step by step, meaning that we can enjoy every single detail they put in this very work. The project is all good, both interior and exterior, but the original red color of the fire truck was way better than the dirty green paintjob. Why to ruin a fire truck with a rusty look?

Check out today's amazing video, see the process and the outcome, and let us know what your opinion is!