"Demented": 1958 Chevrolet Viking Transformed into a Masterpiece by Ball Metal Fab

Restoration is like magic. It's sometimes even magical than magic itself. You work on an almost rotten car and you turn it back to its glorious days, giving it an eye-catching look.

If it's not magical then what is? In today's video, that we're sure you all would like to see, we're checking out a "wonder of restoration". It is a 1958 Chevrolet Viking fully restored and customized to pass the limits of perfection. The video shows us the restoration process step by step. At first, we're seeing the '58 Chevy, which looks like nothing but a rust bucket, then restoration starts and it is slowly turned into a masterpiece by Ball Metal Fab from Arkansas. It's a finely detailed process and the result comes up fascinating. Nicknamed as "Demented", it not only looks badass, but also sounds so sweet that you can feast your ears listening to it.

Check out the video till the end to see how effective this restoration is, be ready to say "Wow!" and enjoy the beauty of the Demented!