2018 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award Winner 1957 Chevrolet Stuns the Eyes of SEMA Show Attendees

America's deep interest in automotive industry is well-known by many. This interest is why there are countless custom car shows in almost every city of the country. Detroit Autorama is the coolest of them!

This special event dedicated to custom vehicles, mostly hot rods and concept cars, appeals those who own competition cars, specialty vehicles and those who aim to owe one. Held in different places, including Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Indianapolis and of course Detroit, this great event is the gathering place of the country's most skillful custom builders and auto-enthusiasts. Apart from fantastic customs and breathtaking shows, there's something another that earned reputation with this cool show. It is the Ridler Award! Presented by Meguiar's, Don Ridler Memorial Award is given to the show's simply best vehicle. There are, however, certain obligations about the attendance. The vehicle, for example, must take its first public showing at the Detroit Autorama and it must be operable to compete to take this award. In today's video, we're checking out the great winner of the 2018 Detroit Autorama while it was on display at SEMA Show. It's 1957 Chevrolet that looks exquisite in every way.

Watch the video to see how this '57 Chevy stuns the attendees of SEMA Show!