Johnny Martinez's Ultimate Project: 1929 Ford Model A Hot Rod "Wicked in Suede"

Every hot rod has its own unique story behind. It's almost impossible to learn this story by just looking at the vehicle so you need to talk to the owner.

Johnny Martinez, the owner of the world's one of the coolest hot rods, tells the story of his beloved machine, "Wicked in Suede" from the hearth. He bought this vehicle, a 1929 Ford Model A, back in 1993 and managed to complete it in 2010, facing all problems and overcoming them one by one. You may ask why it took that long to complete. Here's why! Unfortunately in 2001, Johnny's wife was diagnosed with cancer so his project along with his whole came to a stop. Two and a half years later, luckily, she recovered from this malignant disease and was finally cancer free so he started to work on the project again until he himself was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Things came to a stop in his life again, but he beat it and finished his project in 2010. The Wicked in Suede won 62 awards, featured in a music video, several pin up photo shoots, magazine shoots, television shows and video works. It's pretty popular as you see.

Watching today's video, you can see Johnny Martinez telling us about his precious build and learn more about it. Check it out and let it amaze you!