Custom Hot Rod Built Based on Iconic 1939 Lincoln Zephyr is Waiting For You at the America's Car Museum!

Did you know that there's a museum in Tacoma, Washington that is dedicated to cars? You know now!

This rich museum is celebrating America's love affair with the cars and is offering a great opportunity to everyone who feels somehow connected with cars. Whether you're a collector, an automotive enthusiast or just a fan of cars this museum is a fantastic place to see and it's worthwhile! With countless vehicles under its roof, the America's Car Museum guarantees visitors an unforgettable experience, letting them see the vehicles of different types, brands and ages in one single place. In today's video, we're checking out one of these vehicles: 1939 Lincoln Zephyr. This is an ingeniously custom hot rod built based on the iconic 1939 Lincoln Zephyr. This must be a great honor to see such an impressive vehicle in person. Well, you can have this honor if you visit the America's Car Museum!

Watch the video to enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous hot rod even through the screen!