1929 Ford Model A Engine Still Works In Spite of Some Deficiencies

Are you interested in engines? Do you like dealing with them? Do you enjoy watching them run? Does their sound please you?

If your answer for these questions is "Yes!" then you're an enthusiast of engines and you probably have heard about Ford Model A engine, which was designed and manufactured 1927. This iconic engine was built to power Ford Model A automobile introduced in 1927 and taken out of production in 1931. What we're checking out in today's interesting video is a 1929 Ford Model A open runner engine display. The very first thing you will notice while watching the video is that the engine is on its side to give a semi-full view of its moving parts, meaning that you can enjoy them. It's a 4-cylinder 3.3L engine. As it's quite old it runs not as effectively as it was used to. The run times are short due to overheating. There is no cooling system other than a few holes drilled into the water jacket by the exhaust. In spite of all of these cons the engine sounds super cool.

Check out the video to see this old but definitely gold engine and leave your comment below!