The Resurgence Rat Rod is the Highest Point to be Reached in Creativity and Ingenuity

When you got some skills, sense of creativity and a clear vision then everything becomes possible for you.

In today's video, we're checking out what these necessities bring into being. Gary Fisher, or widely recognized as "FishOn", and his professional crew at Resurrected Rust Garage successfully disparate parts into one perfect vehicle: the Resurgence Rat Rod, the victorious winner of 2015 Rat Rod build-off and the machine that made this year's SEMA Show truly unforgettable. The Resurrected Rust Garage's team built this unusually beautiful machine with an under budget. It came in under a limited budget at a whopping $2,600 as the rules of the Rat Rod Build-off prohibit spending more than $3,000 on a project. The Resurgence is the combination of many different parts. The 16 ft, 6 inch frame comes from a 1972 Dodge Motorhome while the headlight buckets come from a Diamond T and the cab comes from an AutoCar COE. truck.
Built in 23 days, this machine is the highest point to be attained in creativity and ingenuity. There's no way for you to see something alike!

Check out the video and enjoy!