Hot Rod UPS Delivery Truck Catches Great Attention and Draws a Huge Crowd Around Itself at 2018 NSRA

If you check this website regularly then you probably notice that ScottieDTV is one of our favorite auto- related YouTube channels.

We love to check the videos of this amazing channel and we love to share them with you. It's, however, been a long time since the last time we shared a ScottieDTV video! Here's a new one! Filmed during 2018 NSRA Street Rod Nationals, this video presents us an insanely cool UPS Hot Rod delivery truck that amazes those looking at it at the very first glance. It catches a lot of attention and draws a huge crown around itself. No car lover can resists such an appeal. Imagine that you get your delivery with this truck. That would be unimaginably cool. Thanks Scottie for letting us see such a masterpiece. Seeing it, even through screens, is a pleasure that all enthusiasts must have.

Check out the video to learn more about this hot rod UPS delivery truck. You'll like it for sure!