This Incredible Hot Rod is the Mechanical Version of Horse-Drawn Vehicles

Do you know what a car is? Most of you know how a car looks, but let us explain what it is literally.

A car is a common type of wheeled road vehicle powered with a motor and used for the transportation of goods and/or a small number of people. When you go outside and walk through the streets you can see a great number of cars. They all look alike. Four wheels, a strong body, an average engine and so on, but there are also some unique cars that one can't see driving down the roads every day. In today's video, we're checking such a car! It's so unique and matchless that it's impossible to find something alike. At the first glance, it looks like a horse-drawn vehicle as there's a cool horse in the front. But, this horse, which is apparently made out of metal, is a part of the engine that shows itself off. We think that this fantastic vehicle is an alternative to coach horses. It would be great to do some sightseeing on it!

Check out this short but absolutely worthwhile video and have some fun!