1923 T-Bucket Takes Power From Gorgeous 392 Hemi on Meth

Would you like to see some cool engine stuff? Of course, you would! Here's a video that you can enjoy a monstrously powerful engine as a whole. Watching this video of a couple minutes only, you're going to see a 1923 T-Bucket.

As those who are interested know very well, the T-Bucket, sometimes called as Bucket T, is a hot rod built based on a Ford Model T of the 1915-27 era. It is, however, heavily modified and features and advanced look. In today's video, we're checking out a 1923 T-Bucket powered with a 392 Hemi on Methanol. As there's no hood, you can see the engine as a whole. It looks gorgeous, works smoothly and sounds badass. Spending hours and days to make this bad boy hit the road again must be a proud pleasure.

Check out the video to take a closer look at this super strong super cool 392 Hemi powered 1923 T-Bucket and leave your comment below!