Foose Designs' 1933 Ford Coupe with Gorgeous Custom Chassis and Body

In a relatively short but definitely promising career, Chip Foose has managed to create a legacy of designs and achievements that are far beyond his contemporaries.

This brilliant man gifted with a bright mind and skillful hands started his own company, Foose Designs, in around 1998 and since then he operates this widely preferred company with the help of his dedicated professional team. In today's video, we're checking out Chip Foose while he was introducing a new custom build at the 2015 SEMA Show, where viewers were watching him with curious and fascinated eyes. It's a 1933 Ford Coupe with some gorgeous details. This '33 Ford Coupe is completely rebuilt and customized. Originally a roaster body by Speed 33, this exquisite vehicle has a compelling LS3 Corvette engine built specially by Street & Performance. It's visually enriched with custom Foose touch throughout. Brand new interior of the high-quality materials, eye-catching paint, one-off Foose wheels and many other cool modifications has been applied to this '33 Ford by the Foose Designs' team.

Check out the video with attention to see this 1933 Ford Coupe with custom chassis and body and enjoy!