1930 Ford Model A Sedan "Bully" Hot Rood Took Over 3000 Hours for the Paint Only

Some vehicles are built for functionality while some others are built to be pleasing to the eye, but some vehicles, only very few of them, are merely built to reach the perfection just like the one you're going to see in today's video.

It's a 1930 Ford Model A Sedan, but not an ordinary one for sure! Owners Dana and Lorne Hinkle brought this classic '30 Model A back into its glorious days with the help of their three skillful sons and the result is truly mesmerizing. There so many things that can attract your attention at the first glance to this gorgeous hot rod, nicknamed as "Bully", but the most remarkable one is the paintjob. The ingenious hands behind this professionally done PPG paintjob belong to Pete "Hot Rod" Finlan. It fascinates the viewers with its complex pattern and glitter look. It's so detailed that it took more than 3000 hours to complete the paintjob. Under the eyeful hood, a 540cc aluminum HEMI with an 871 blower injection lies. The fine details that this '30 Model A got is gonna leave you speechless. It's not even possible to dislike such a beauty. It's one of those cars you will remember for the rest of your life.

Check out the video to see the Bully while it was on display on the SEMA Show and appreciate the hardwork put on this extraordinarily cool vehicle!