Voodoo Larry's "Voodoo Sahara" is a Perfect Tribute to Iconic Golden Sahara by Barris Kustoms

Hold on to your hats and be ready to be amazed because what you're going to see in today video that with present proudly is gonna blow your mind!

If you're familiar with custom stuff and know something about the fascinating world of custom automobiles then you probably have heard the name "Voodoo" Larry. Being one of the most brilliant minds who run the custom world, Voodoo Larry is the founder and owner of Voodoo Larry Kustoms shop located in the suburban of Chicago. With his creativity, experience in the industry, skillful hands and clear vision, he transforms junks into magnificent piece of art. In today's video, we're checking out his one of the latest and apparently the coolest creations: Vodoo Sahara. Not that long ago, this machine was a 1954 Kaiser Manhattan. Now, all that's left from this '54 sedan is the steering wheel. Voodoo Larry created something truly different and something strikingly impressive out of this '54 Kiaser Manhattan and it's called Voodoo Sahara. It's good to say this intrepretation was built as an tribute to the iconic Golden Sahara I by Barris Kustoms and Golden Sahara II built by Jim Skonzakes.

Check out the video to enjoy the absolute beauty of Voodoo Sahara and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!