1953 Buick Special Hot Rod Looks Elegant Like It Belongs to The Royal Family

Wanna see a special build and enjoy the every single detail of it? We presume your answer for this very question as "Yes!" and present you the video you can easily find right on this page.

What we're checking out in today's video is a 1953 Buick Special Hot Rod that looks exquisite in many ways. Caught on camera while it was at a car show held in Laval, Quebec, this '53 Buick Hot Rod is well-built and well- equipped with high-quality materials that make it look elegant like it belongs to the Royal Family. The video demonstrates us this spectacular machine in full detail, meaning that you can see even the tiniest detail and enjoy it. Listening to the guy who tells us about the hot rod, you can also learn more about the technical specifications.

If you're interested in seeing such a nicely built hot rod then don't wait even for a second and click on the play button!