Madame X: Chip Foose Designed 1939 Cadillac Coupe Rocks the SEMA Show

Imagine an automobile as charismatic as a 30's Italian gangster in a nicely tailored suit. The video we present you today shows us this very charismatic automobile: 1939 Cadillac Coupe nicknamed as "Madame X". Chip Foose's Madame X is inspired by a concept sketch from 1935 drawn by GM designer Art Ross that was originally commissioned for production.

Compared to the original sketch, Foose's creation is unique on a number of fronts. It's based around a 1939 Cadillac four-door 60 Special and now is equipped with Corvette LT1 V8 engine mated to the eight-speed transmission of the Cadillac Escalade. As for the exterior, the car is now a two-door and shorter than the model it is based on. Foose proudly unveiled his beloved "Madame X" at SEMA and it rocked the show. "It's truly a pleasure to finally pull the cover off of
Madam X
and show it to the public and its owner. This was a project of true passion and one that pushed me to my creative limits. I am extremely proud to show it at SEMA" says the owner.

Check out the video to see how spectacular this 39' Cadillac is and enjoy!