The World's Reddest and the Baddest Ford F-100 by On The Ground Designs

After spending almost 20 years in the Retail Segment with 10 of those being at the Executive Level, Jason Jones started the OTG, On The Ground Designs, four years ago and continues to offer customers an advanced service since then.

The video we share now shows us one of the projects of this accomplished company: the Boss F-100. It is the reddest and definitely the baddest Ford F-100 ever built. According to the company, this excellent project is started humbly with a $2,500 pickup rescued from a field and the pickup is transformed into a true masterpiece. The F-100's original 390 V8 powers the pickup with an estimated 620 to 630 horsepower at the crank. The Boss' total costs are said to surpass $150,000 in parts and labor. Is it too much? Well, think not! This Ford F-100 is so cool and finely detailed that it deserves to be called as "the Boss" and to cost thousands of dollars.

Watch today's video to view this extraordinary machine in detail and let us know what you think about it!