Classic Lines Meet with Charisma: 350 Chevy Powered 1940 Hudson Pro Street Coupe

You may have heard the broad term "pro street" a lot at drag races, car shows or in related videos. If you're interested in vehicles of all kinds then you probably know what a pro street car refers to, but for those who don't, let us explain what it is!

A pro street car refers to a drag race car that has a plate and can be driven on the street legally. This is the most generalized meaning of the term, but you can also find many different explanations. The video we offer you today shows us a great looking pro street: a 1940 Hudson Pro Street Coupe. This cool machine is powered by a compelling 350 Chevrolet Engine. Although the paintjob sucks and makes the car look like a clown, the classic lines and charismatic design of it makes this car worthwhile to see.

Check out the video to see the performance of this 1940 Hudson Pro Street Coupe. Hope you like it!