When Two Classics Come Together: An Adorable 101 Year Old Lady with Her Real Love 1930 Packard 740 Roadster

Here, we present you an enjoyable video that shows what happens when two classics come together in a heartwarming way. Margaret Dunning as a beautiful lady, who was in her 101 in this video, tells us her deep relation with her vehicle, 1930 Packard 740 roaster which she has own since 1949. Ms. Dunning cannot remember how much she paid for her real love Packard and said it was unclear how many miles were on its in-line 8-cylinder engine.

"They're just made out of such fine material. I love the engineering that went into it. There's just a lot of very, very fine workmanship." She also said about Packards. Her fantastic Packard has black fenders and a red leather interior equipped with a cigarette lighter, map light and glove compartments on each side of the dashboard. She still changes the oil and spark plugs herself, which is literally amazing for a lady who's 101 years old. Ms. Dunnin recommends everyone to fix their grandpa's car if any, get them on the road and have some real fun.

Scroll down, see this adorable lady and enjoy!