Men Almost Swept Away by Flood Trying to Help Stubborn Women Refusing to Leave Her Car

As you'll agree, it is completely normal, expected and understandable for people want to save their life and belongings during a natural disaster, but this should never be at the expense of the life of someone another.

The worth-to- see video we offer you to check out today shows us a woman from Barranquilla of northern Colombia while she was trying to shave her Mazda 626 during a fierce flood. Instead of getting out of her automobile, letting it go by the flood, she refuses to abandon. Men around try to talk her coming out of her automobile while at the same time holding on the car to save it with the woman inside. Fortunately for her, with the help of a few kind-hearted people, she stops on the side of the road. Her stubbornness and selfishness, however, could swept away three men trying to help her.

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