Excellently Built Cuthbertson Tracked Land Rover- One of the Best Examples of Its Kind

Unlikely beloved classics, commercial or special trucks, 4x4 and muscle cars, off-road vehicles are often found not that interesting. Some dedicated experts and enthusiastic lovers, however spend so much time and effort to study, to own and to collect almost all sort of off-road vehicles, particularly the most impressive and rare ones just like the vehicle you're going to see right in the video below.

In the late 1950's, the unusually good looking vehicle that is demonstrated and explained in detail, was introduced by James Cuthbertson, in Scotland. This amazingly manufactured Cuthbertson tracked Land Rover was actually designed to drive further in adverse off-road conditions than the conventional Land Rover. The most remarkable advantage of this spectacular vehicle was that it particularly diminished the vehicle's ground pressure to 1.9Ibs/sq'', providing a better and ideal driving quality, especially for marshy and wet ground. Each of its tracks is carried by four rubber-tyred road wheels. Around 15 examples were supposedly known to have been built by the year 1972.

Watch the video presented below to see and learn more about this excellently made tracked Land Rover.