Dwarf Car Museum: Hand-Built Mini Cars and Scale Down Replicas of Classics

In Maricopa, Arizona you can find a large collection of dwarf cars and all of these dwarf cars are the impressive works of Ernie Adams.

He came up with the brilliant idea of creating dwarf cars in 1965 and built his first dwarf car, 28 Chevrolet two-door Sedan with nine old refrigerators. The first dwarf car, dubbed "Grandpa Dwarf" is kept and can be still driven. After building hundreds of dwarf race cars and street-legal dwarf car cruisers, Ernie Adams has progressed to a more time-consuming business of constructing scale down replicas of classics. He can successfully scale down cars as fully road-legal vehicles. The dwarf cars are built from scratch and there are no other car bodies or parts are involved in these dwarf cars. It's hard to believe that all these amazing dwarf cars are built by Ernie Adams for himself. They're not for sale even though a man in California offered to trade him a house to get a dwarf car.